Certain Benefits of Owing a Business and Tax Deductible


There are many benefits of owing a small business. The first and the foremost benefit is of setting your own business time, the next benefit is being your own boss, and the next benefit is that you can have control over your own career. But there are many tax benefits that business owners can get & they can take the advantage of the same to maximize their profits. Also, you can see here more details on, tax benefits of owning a business & increase your knowledge on the same. Now, there are many people who have this question, can a deduction save them? So, the answer is yes.

Business Expense & Tax 

A write-off or a deduction is a kind of a business expense, which can help you in lowering your taxes. For instance, your business got a income of $85,000 last year, but you invested around $10,000 in a business equipment which is new, then you would deduct that income from your net income. So, when it comes to pay taxes, you would only pay the tax for $75,000 and not fully $85,000. Now, other question that arises is how much will that deduction will really save you on your taxes? It is equally important for you to find out costs versus the tax savings, especially when you are making a business purchase. One simple formula that you can follow is > Business Expense X Tax Rate = Money You Save on Taxes.

Business Expenses That Can Be Tax Deducted 

Some of the common business expenses that qualify for a tax deduction are – business travel expenses which includes gas, plane tickets, transportation, rental cars, food, conferences etc. The next deductions comprise of business meals or food, which you take with your business partners or colleagues and so on. Apart from that, retirement contribution is another in which business owners have more flexibility or elasticity to plan around their retirement contribution. At the end of the year, you can decide how much you want to contribute to your retirement that can help you lower your taxable income.

Other Expenses Qualified for Deductions 

Vehicles and transportation are others, which includes leases, mileage, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and it can even comprise of houseboats. Phones and equipment’s are other, in which phone can include initial purchase, monthly phone bills, repairs and so on. And, some examples of equipment include tools and furniture, computers, cameras, printers, monitors, machinery and so on. Moreover, this can be in detail or defined in detail, depending on your business needs. Depreciation on Assets is another in which any capital under your name is fully deductible. Inventory, supplies, employee expenses or contract labour, insurance, financing, website and software, education, marketing and advertising, home office or rentals etc. are also qualified for deductions.

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