If You Are Using: “Is Niagra an enjoyable experience” – Positive or negative?


The controversy of should you open your calls asking, “Did I catch you at an enjoyable experience?” or “Is niagra time still healthy?” (for presentation call backs), is alive and well regrettably.

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Just a few days ago, I received this email question within the readers:

“Hi Mike, question – once i distribute information to the people guys i return to all of them a concept can i inquire whether they have 1 minute prior to going into my pitch?”

Thought to ask exactly the same factor? If that’s the problem, you’re in good company. I have heard this in the last 30  years, and i also also provide heard arguments for sides. Many individuals think it’s sincere to check out when the prospect has time, while some feel they’re setting themselves up for almost any stall.

Precisely what in situation you need to do?

I have been making calls – both prospecting calls and shutting calls – for almost any extended, extended time. Really, I still ensure they are today. As well as for me (note I pointed out experience, not “theory”), the solution is apparent. Do this is this fact:

Never find out if it’s a lot of fun to pitch or qualify this will let you discussion obtaining a prospect or client. Rather, follow this method for that letter:

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Always greet your prospect: “Hi name, hope every single day goes well… ” (or any other opening you need).

Then listen carefully not only to anything they say, but, furthermore, to the way they express it. Consider:

“Is niagra person very happy to hear me?”

“Can this person appear rushed?”

“Would they appear upset which i’ve interrupted them?”

“Could it be unhappy they selected inside the phone will need to consult with me?”


“Would they appear relaxed?”

“Could it be prepared to engage – did they ask me generate income am doing?”

“What is the smile in their voice?” (Or maybe a frown?)

Essentially, as opposed to determine whether you caught them at an enjoyable experience, concentrate on their voice and to the way they answer the telephone to find out which their mood is. In case you really listen, you are able to tell…

Then, it doesn’t matter what they are saying, acknowledge all you know really was: they’re busy! So let them know you respect some time to open your label by doing this:

“Home entertainment system . are busy, so I will be brief… “

Then engage rapidly and, if you are prospecting or qualifying, inquire an issue as quickly as you can so that you can provide them with an chance to inform you when they have time to talk to you otherwise.

And that is how you handle prospecting calls.

For pitches where you need to appointment, don’t ask if it is still an enjoyable experience by themselves account! You get an appointment ahead of time, then when you’ve truly qualified them they’re expecting your call and could be prepared for it.

Of individuals calls, you open that way:

“Hi name, how’s your (Tuesday, etc.) going?”

[Listen here and respond accordingly.]

“Easier to hear. Well, name, I am excited to speak to you today i know you’ll most likely love… “

Then enter your pitch…

And, clearly, do not take my 30  knowledge about this, have a look yourself! Your own personal experience will verify a few things i am suggesting. Happy selling!


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