Making ADUs Seem Bigger Than They Are


When you live in a very small home, making the most of it is essential. Your auxiliary dwelling unit, or ADU, might look larger than it is in a number of ways. ADUs are becoming more prevalent, especially in metropolitan areas. They offer a more affordable housing choice while maintaining many aspects of a typical home, which is one of the critical reasons for this. ADUs are generally smaller than conventional residences, but some individuals worry that they may feel constrained or crowded.

An ADU in Palo Alto can be the best option if you want to increase the size of your living area. You have more privacy, security, design flexibility, and geographic mobility with an ADU connected to your home. Additionally, if you ever decide to sell your house, it will grow in value overall.

One of the most well-known ADU builders in Palo Alto, CA, Acton ADU, will collaborate with you throughout the construction and design process to make sure your new home fulfills all of your requirements. As a consequence, get in contact with Acton ADU right away if you’re ready to make your family’s living space more practical. Together, our team and you can design the ideal environment for you.

Apply Bright Paint Colors to Your Structure

The colors you use in your ADU must be taken into account while building a backyard house. When choosing colors for walls and ceilings, one of the most important things to consider is how the colors will affect how open and light the area seems to the eye. Furthermore, by conveying a sense of light and openness, brighter colors may improve and expand space.

If you want to maximize the use of your Palo Alto ADU, consider keeping the walls and ceilings light in color. As safe alternatives, white and other light hues like green or blue are frequently used. On the other hand, blue has the opposite effect, making spaces look smaller and darker. By taking these easy steps, you may enhance your home with a lovely and valuable ADU. You’ll feel much better when you use that extra space.

Mirrors Are Necessary

An ADU in Palo Alto, CA, ought to be built with room and light in mind to produce a cozy, practical living area. A tiny space may benefit from more light, thanks to mirrors. Mirrors provide space for an ADU with a tiny floor area by reflecting light. Mirrors can be mounted on walls, placed on shelves or tables, or even built into furniture such as vanities or cabinets.

Be cautious, though, since too many mirrors might create the sense that the area is even more cramped or regimented. Last but not least, mirrors are a simple yet effective technique to make the most of every square inch of your ADU.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Building a cozy and useful ADU is significantly hampered by clutter. Clutter may easily take up an area, crowd out objects, and make finding things challenging if it is not maintained under control. In order to preserve your ADU in Palo Alto, CA, appearing and feeling attractive and tidy, it would be a wise idea if you manage the clutter on a regular basis. Whether you dispose of unwanted stuff on a regular or sporadic basis, have a plan in place. This might be putting unwanted toys and other items in a donation bag or recycling outdated paperwork.

The sooner the clutter is removed, the simpler it will be to enjoy and unwind in your ADU. Spend some time today cleaning and arranging your home as a consequence! Keep in mind Marie Kwando’s recommendation to only save items that “spark joy.”

Add Some Natural Lighting

Maximizing natural light is one of the most effective ways to arrange an ADU’s area. Finding innovative methods to brighten your house becomes even more crucial because incorporating natural light into basement spaces can be difficult. One solution is to install curtains that can be pushed back to let in as much light as possible.

To boost natural light and give the impression that your home is bigger and more open, add skylights or solar tubes. Last but not least, let as much natural light into your ADU in Palo Alto, CA, as you can to make it feel more substantial and delightful. There is always time to put these ideas into action, no matter how far along the restoration process you are or if you have already completed certain operations.

How to Choose the Best Furniture

The arrangement of your furnishings is important when creating a small ADU. People make the error of purchasing bulky, weighty items that take up a lot of space and give the impression that the room is much smaller than it is. Remain with compact elements that may be quickly replaced or relocated as necessary. Smaller side tables and rocking chairs are preferable to huge couches and coffee tables. Murphy beds or foldable bunk beds should be included as beds won’t be used frequently. With some careful planning and design, you may transform your ADU in Palo Alto, California, into a useful area.

ADUs in Palo Alto Unlike Any Other

ADUs are a great method to increase the size of your home. ADUs can be built brand-new or attached to an existing house. Families might find these flexible and affordable housing options helpful. ADUs are perfect for multigenerational families because they let parents and kids connect while maintaining private spaces for each group.

At Acton ADU in Palo Alto, CA, we take great pride in our dedication to excellent creativity and innovation. We specialize in generating unique bespoke designs for these extraordinary living spaces. Together, our creative design team will build the ideal ADU for your requirements while also improving the outside of your current house.

We have years of experience assisting homeowners with the use of ADUs, making us your one-stop shop for all of your needs. Visit www.actonadu.com if you’re prepared to expand your property to learn more about how we can assist. Although ADUs are meant to be affordable, their price will eventually rise. Several easy and inexpensive methods exist to make your ADU look larger, much like your bedroom at home.


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