Why Amazon FBA Sellers Should Work with a Reputable Digital Freight Forwarder

If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you may find it hard to source products and navigate the supply chain due to the logistics involved. Thankfully, Amazon freight forwarding exists to help you with this. Read to know how freight forwarding works and how to pick the best forwarder: 

How Amazon Forwarding Works

An Amazon FBA forwarding company ships goods with carriers to transfer cargo from one port to the next. They streamline the process of importing and exporting goods as well as handle warehousing, customs clearance inspections, and insurance claims. Clearit USA Amazon fba forwarding services can help you transport your goods from your overseas manufacturer or supplier to an Amazon fulfillment center. Freight forwarders u understand the marketplace and help ensure you comply with its policies. 

Reasons for Picking a Digital Freight Forwarder

A digital freight forwarder provides fully optimized services for you and other Amazon FBA sellers. They give end-to-end solutions for managing the supply chain tailored to the specific need of your business. With this forwarder, you can view the supply chain in real-time, book shipments at any time of the day and night, and track your inventory in a cloud-based tool. The following are the specific benefits of working with a digital freight forwarder:

  • Reliable customs clearance services. The majority of digital freight forwarders offer customs clearance services for those who ship goods globally. They have a team of brokers who are well-versed in U. S. Customs regulations and requirements.
  • Trade financing solutions. The right trade financing gives you access to the working capital you need for growing your business. A reputable digital freight forwarder understands such a process and has the solutions such as letters of credit to meet your needs.
  • Dependable freight pickup. A reliable freight pickup service can help you move your products quickly and efficiently. A digital freight forwarder has a huge network of carriers to make sure your shipment is picked up promptly and delivered to its final destination safely. 
  • Freight consolidation. A digital freight forwarder provides freight consolidation services you should take advantage of, so you can save money and time. 
  • Timely delivery. Every Amazon seller must ensure their goods are delivered promptly in one piece. A digital freight forwarder has an experienced team of experts who will coordinate with you to make sure your shipment reaches your recipient as promised. They know how delays can ruin business reputation and relationships. 

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